Brenda has helped me see the importance of nutrition in my life. With Brenda’s help I discovered and learned how to control my dairy allergy. I have learned how to control my cravings and live an active lifestyle.
— Karin K.

Thanks for teaching me how to eat healthy, and benefit me when I’m older. Knowing good eating habits of the young age of 13 will be really beneficial.
— Emma P.
If there was any plan to lose weight on, this is the one. It’s easy to follow and you don’t need any special pills or nonsense to follow it. It gets you on the right track for eating properly while healing you body with food. The weight started coming off after a week and the headaches were lessoned. I found the food list extensive and easy to pick from. What I’d loved most was the food plan was custom made for you. From my perspective my health coach, Brenda is knowledgeable and easy to work with. Thank you my dear!
— Annette S.
Brenda has helped me immensely. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have found out about my allergies to gluten and dairy. I wouldn’t be getting my life back. Thanks to Brenda, I am no longer tired, bloated and suffering from itchy palate.
— Brittni S.

I was initially skeptical, but after limiting my food intake to gluten free I did not feel bloated anymore. It’s wonderful to eat healthy and especially know the foods that make a difference in my life.
— John G.

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